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Streamline and focus your content tracking, via Highlights, Tags and Lists

Shine more light on the good stuff, please @ 2018 Amberwood Media

When it comes to content curation, I focus on highlights, tags, and lists, powerful but under-valued Medium tools. As writers, they tell us what’s resonating with readers. As readers (which all of us are), it helps us get back to our favorite posts and writers.

But more can be done…

When your writing stalls, and watchful eyes go elsewhere

The late Pogo, erstwhile consumer of many crickets © 2020 Amberwood Media

Over 5 years, I’ve had success on Medium. I even had a post with 2k views. But it was frontier times, when writing about Medium was cool, and needed.

I took a hiatus or two. Or three. And it pretty much killed my network. Many friendly and familiar faces have…

So how did it go?

Any news yet? MWC entrants await © 2020 Amberwood Media

Medium’s Writer’s Challenge is in the books. 4 prompts and 30 days, plenty of time to put words on paper, so to speak. How did it go?

The pandemic fueled copious stories on death, so I did a pivot to legacy. I had lots of ideas on space, mostly in…

CJ Amberwood

CJ Amberwood

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