Own Your Curation

Relevance is a moving target; take charge, and unlock the power of Medium Lists

CJ Amberwood
5 min readNov 20, 2021


When the good stuff won’t stop rolling in. Acadia NP. © 2021 by the author, at Amberwood Media

Is your Medium feed at times less than relevant? Don’t leave. You have options. And while it involves curation, it’s not the kind you’re thinking.

On Medium, curation usually refers to the way editors and algorithms populate our feeds. Nothing wrong with the approach, if and when it works. Curation out on the internet is a bit different, though with a similar intent — tapping any available clues to find, tag and manage endless waves of content, in search of what’s relevant — hoping beyond hope to zero in on the good stuff. It’s no small task.

The notion of personal curation is powerful, because it’s a hybrid — great Medium content and tools, with a flexible filtering process that bends with your changing interests. Sure, it takes a little work. But you end up with a customized funnel for relevant content & authors. And it’s all done on Medium, using Lists.

What is relevant? Hard to say, for most. We know it when we see it. But try this on:

Relevance is what resonates for us. But it’s a moving target, since our goals and interests change. Our curation must evolve with us.

It’s a key point. Focus on relevance is critical for building a healthy, supportive and dynamic social network, scored not by scale but by value.

Imagine connecting with writers who share your vision, whose content you’ve targeted to spark your imagination and feed your soul.

Sounds like a good approach, yes?

But it gets better. Besides hosting great content, Medium can also serve as a social network for writers. Value can flow in many directions. You put good writer content in your Lists according to your own criteria. You’re telling the author why it resonates. If there’s appetite for 1:1 exchange on their end, some of your own good content is seen by that author. Comments are exchanged. Others see the exchange and participate. Some intentional following takes place. Pubs are referred, expanded or created new. A micro…



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