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Which rocks to look under

I’ve been on Medium since 2016, so I’m a certified old timer. But some of my best work is buried in search results. Here are links to the good stuff:

MWC: Chasing Our Legacy | Happiness: 10 Essentials | Awaken | Marcescence: Hanging On | Secret Garden

MWC: Space for Possibility | Shibumi: 7 Elements | Complexity: in Nature | Forests and Trees | Kant’s 1781 C.F., Series: [1] Abstraction, [2] Rule Systems, [3] Into the Deep End, [4]



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CJ Amberwood

Thinker. Author. Explorer of edges. Top writer in Writing. Founder, “Just Curious” pub, w/ creativity & insights in 3m or less. Pour some coffee, stop in .. !