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Does it end when the last person on Earth says your name?

Twilight brings an element of mystery to idle thoughts. As we enter our twilight years, how often do we dare reflect on our life’s work?

It’s a precarious step.

Cautiously, we tally our successes.

But the questions keep coming: Will our life and our work matter? For how long? And who will remember us?

Perhaps more to the point:

Does does our personal legacy truly end when the last person on Earth says our name?

Talk of mortality is uncomfortable. If we let it come into focus, our fear of death can consume us. We can’t predict our demise, or…

re: Social Platforms (like Medium)

Lot's of talk lately about the most recent changes at Medium, and the implications. Meantime, I'm starting a new Medium pub, reaching out as we speak to potential contributors who share a curious bent. Bold? Crazy?

No. I prefer to think of it as smart.

I don’t look back, because I’m not going that way. I look forward, to what’s possible. And I’m open to new perspectives.

For me, those who started social platforms like Twitter and Medium - people like Ev, Jack and Biz - were absolutely onto something. So what if innovative social platforms don't fit in a…

Embrace her cascade of color, while you can. A poem.

Secret garden casts a spell

Flowing colors hidden well

Behind her garden gate.

Colors dance where I can’t see

The festival she hides from me.

New blossoms tempting fate.

ISO insights with focus and brevity

The writers at JUST CURIOUS are a team of collaborators, working to produce interesting and insightful content. But we challenge ourselves to focus. On the web, the attention span of readers can be short, generally 3 minutes or less, topping out around 800 words.

We’re looking for highly-focused writing with a minimalist approach, to bring the big ideas to our readers in bite-sized packages. Brevity will be our guidepost.

This approach may not work for everyone, but there are hidden opportunities. Consider the chance to:

  • be more concise when expressing yourself
  • explore minimalist forms, like photography or poetry
  • highlight the…

re: Writing with Outlines

Ah yes, the outline. It's a bit old school, but how many hours have we all wasted chasing rabbit trails when a good outline might have helped? I think this is especially true in long-form fiction. I read somewhere that our readers want our rabbit trails to be relevant. No good wasting their time, either!

To be fair, there is creativity and discovery to be had on rabbit trails, especially on early drafts. So I don't see rabbit trails as a hard "no" to be cordoned off with police tape. But sometimes we need to budget our dalliance.

Trick for me? How much, and when?

Great post, David. Glad to see the WC still going strong (it's where I cut my teeth on Medium!)

re: Minimalism

I'd say no, since Marcus A hasn't been trending lately. But I agree he is legend, among those who track such things.

And his ideas are still useful today. Less is absolutely more.

See also Lao Tzu on this theme.

And Em, I LOVE you're writing, but it won't be the first time I've shared. If I recall, you had me at Friends. But that was so last month :)

More soon?

An old man and a boy explore the 3 primary rule systems in Kant’s 1781 Categorical Framework

The sun had already descended below the tree line. Normally the adventuresome trio would have spent their evening on the porch swing, ruminating on the day’s hike. But today, the old man and the boy were busy collecting kindling for tonight’s campfire, already in progress. As always, the dog happily supervised.

Fresh tinder quickly nurtured the flame, as a wispy line of smoke rose into the canopy of tree branches above them. The boy and old man settled into their camp chairs, sipping hot cocoa as they stared into the fire.

It had been weeks since their discussion of trees

An old man, a boy and a dog turn to Immanuel Kant, to learn 3 questions of nature

They were quite a crew, ambling among the trees: the boy, full of energy, scanning the woods for new adventures; the old man, carefully watching for roots in their path, but spry enough to keep up; the dog, sniffing blissfully for the scent of wild things.

They were friends, these three, and they enjoyed their wooded walks immensely. The exchange among them was always lively. But today their musings took an unusual turn.

“Tell me about the trees.” the boy said to the man.

The old man didn’t break stride. His gaze lifted briefly to the horizon, shifting back to…

re: Sustainability

Hands down, Kristy, yours is the best piece I've seen on practical, "something we can actually do" sustainability.

When we talk about it, the conversation can be so abstract. What we need is a set of ideas that are grounded in the practical. What can we do? What steps can we take?

You're right, it starts with not purchasing new when we don't have to. If it’s a cup of coffee, can we bring our mug?

It can seem a bit unpatriotic to cast a vote against retail. But consumer advertising & marketing helped get us into this mess. Sure…

re: Unlocking Long-form Content

Some powerful ideas on rethinking the book, Ev.

Long-form content deserves a home in the digital landscape. For me it’s about shifting focus to value — inspiration, meaning, insight — and talent.

Those are key reasons we read, and they’re among the many reasons we write.

One breakthrough innovation I've come to love on both Kindle and Medium is the power of the highlight. But here on Medium, that highlight is more useful. It can spawn important feedback, not to mention some loyal fans and contributors. As a writer, imagine the value of readers who mark passages that resonate in…

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