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Relevance is a moving target; take charge, and unlock the power of Medium Lists

When the good stuff won’t stop rolling in. Acadia NP. © 2021 by the author, at Amberwood Media

Is your Medium feed at times less than relevant? Don’t leave. You have options. And while it involves curation, it’s not the kind you’re thinking.

On Medium, curation usually refers to the way editors and algorithms populate our feeds. Nothing wrong with the approach, if and when it works. Curation…

When dialog runs hot, some silence — and 6 changes of mindset — can open up new thinking

Pulling the plug? The last resort. How else can we silence the crazy? © 2012 Amberwood Media

We’ve all been in those chaotic meetings. Everyone is talking at once. The energy is palpable. But in it’s wake, a few souls are left trampled. Still others never had a chance.

I just know there’s a better way.

Perusing an Inc. article last week, I learned Tim Cook (Apple)…

Start over. Start simple. And learn what space can be.

North Carolina — Rush Hour © 2006 Amberwood Media

In the Western world, we often take space for granted. There’s usually enough to go around — except maybe at airports, where a six-foot radius for social distancing is getting harder to sustain.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, and that’s a dubious proposition at best, it may be…

We’re not here forever. Death awaits. So when is it too late to start measuring our value?

Twilight. A powerful metaphor for “Almost Over” © 2016 AmberwoodMedia

Living can lead to over-confidence. After all, we’re still here. We can safely declare, for the moment at least, that life goes on.

Eastern thinking has a way of cutting through that Western self-assurance, perhaps no more clearly than this:

“The trouble is, you think you have time” — Buddha

Where family comes to roost, leaving (most) differences at the door

Who’s coming for supper? © 2015 Amberwood Media

I’m definitely one for tradition. I was actually born close to the boomer / gen-X cusp, but wherever the line is drawn, I’m clearly a product of my generation.

Growing up, my family was steeped in German and Scottish traditions, infused with southern sensibilities. Holidays were for family visits, no…

Are we taking enough time to count our blessings?

Outtakes from my happy space © 2021 Amberwood Media

It’s hard to feel happy when the world is crashing down around us. If we stumble on a stray smile, we almost feel guilty. And that’s a problem:

In a world full of uncertainty, we need our happy spaces now, more than ever.

I thought making a top-10 list of…

CJ Amberwood

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