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Which rocks to look under

Writing & Creativity

Writing on Medium


Thinking (Philosopher’s Corner)

Closure for the crew of the A-Priori, learning the final dimension of Kant’s 1781 Framework

Jordan Lake, Chatham Co, NC © 2006 the author, Amberwood Media

The old man, the boy and the dog dive further into Kant’s Categorical Framework

Into the Deep End © 2021 the author, at Amberwood Media

In response to Sonja Blignaut

Dance of nature © 2021 Amberwood Media

Embrace her cascade of color, while you can. A poem.

Azaleas: the Secret Garden. All images by the author, © 2021 Amberwood Media

Seeking insights with focus and brevity

Big things in small packages? © 2019 Amberwood Media
  • be more concise when expressing yourself
  • explore minimalist forms, like photography, poetry…

re: Writing with Outlines

re: Minimalism

re: Social Platforms (like Medium)

Perspective, rethinking a sunrise © 2000 Amberwood Media

An old man and a boy explore the 3 primary rule systems in Kant’s 1781 Categorical Framework

Fire © 2021 Amberwood Media

CJ Amberwood

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